Environmental Services

Applied EcoSystems provides a wide range of services to a broad client base, ranging from Fortune 500 companies to small proprietorships.

Environmental Investigations

  • Phase I Environmental Site Assessments (ASTM E 1527)
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  • Phase II Environmental Site Assessments
  • Transaction Screens (ASTM E 1528)
  • Subsurface Soil and Groundwater Testing
  • Groundwater Fate and Transport Analysis
  • Vapor Intrusion
  • Air Quality
  • Litigation Support and Expert Testimony
  • Sampling and Monitoring Programs
  • Lead and Radon Assessments
  • Stormwater Assessments/Pollution Prevention Plans (SWPPP)
  • Wetlands Determinations, Delineations, Permitting
  • PCB Assessments

Environmental Restoration

  • Soil and Groundwater Remediation System Design, Installation, and Operation
  • Corrective Action Plans
  • Hazardous and Non-hazardous Waste Management
  • Remediation Action Plans

Risk Assessment/Compliance Issues

  • Compliance Audits and Programs
  • Risk-Based Corrective Actions (ASTM E 538)
  • Safety Evaluations
  • Self-audit/self-correction records
  • Reporting responsibilities


  • Employee Awareness Training Seminars
  • Environmental Risk Education
  • Presentations

Contingency Plans

  • Pollution Incident Prevention Plans (PIPP)
  • Spill Prevention, Control and Countermeasure Plans (SPCC)
  • Integrated Contingency Plans (ICP)
  • Waste Contingency Plans
  • Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plans (SWPPP)
  • Emergency Response Plans
  • Emergency Action Plans

Underground and Aboveground Storage Tanks (USTs, ASTs)

  • Underground Storage Tank Removals
  • Leaking Underground Storage Tank (LUST) Assessments
  • Hydrogeological Investigations
  • Corrective Action Plans
  • Remedial System Designs
  • Remedial System Installations and Operations
  • Closure Reports
  • Final Assessment Reports

Demolition and Renovation Surveys

  • Asbestos surveys